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Javana Set | Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Set (Decoration)

Javana Set | Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Set (Decoration)

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A coffee set that is always found in most Ethiopian homes.
This is a Javana (pot) decorated.

A unique culture of Ethiopia, the coffee ceremony uses these to entertain guests.

When guests arrive, the raw beans are hand-roasted on the spot using a mankashakasha and extracted in a Javana (pot).
While roasting or extracting, we chat and share a relaxing time.

Sini (cups) are made in China and are used on a daily basis, so there are times when "MADE IN CHINA" is written on the back, but they were imported from Ethiopia.

・Javana: 1 ・Javana Lid: 1 ・Javana Shita: 1 ・Sini (Cup): 6 ・Saucer: 6

*Although it is actually used in Ethiopia, it is only for decoration, so please do not use it as tableware.
Each Javana is handmade, so the size and pattern may differ slightly from the image.

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