warehouse open day

A day when you can drink coffee and hand roast
Next time is July 10th (Sun)


・Drip Coffee
Hot: ¥500 / Ice: ¥600 (Ice only in summer)
*If you need sugar or milk, please bring your own.

・Raw coffee beans: 500g / ¥1,500

・Roasted beans: 100g / ¥1,000

・Hand-roasting experience + mankashakasha body (hand-roasted bread): ¥2,500
→ Comes with 50g of raw beans. You can have the beans roasted on the spot, drink them, and take the rest of the roasted beans home with you.

・ Experience only: ¥ 1,500
→ You will be asked to roast 50g of raw beans using the Rental Man Kasha Kasha.
You can drink one cup on the spot and take the rest of the roasted beans home.

*All prices are warehouse limited prices (tax included)

Next time is July 10th (Sun)

Business hours: Once a month 13:00~18:00

5-28-10 Hiokiso Nishimachi, Higashi Ward, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

Nearest station: 7 minutes from Hatsushiba Station on the Nankai Koya Line

No reservation required. There is a parking lot.