how to brew coffee

How to brew Galitebe coffee
*13g is used for 180ml of coffee.

Galitebe is a maniac who loves coffee and drinks coffee on a daily basis, but he doesn't know much about coffee. We are interested in a lot of people who are interested in the people who are in the middle of the day.

Some say, "I've never brewed coffee by myself..."
There are quite a few people who say.

That's why I put together a video on how to brew Garutenbi coffee this time.
If you are a person with a strong commitment, there may be an opinion that "This brewing method is crazy!"

However, Galitebe uses this brewing method to provide coffee at warehouses and other locations.
99.9% of the customers say "It's delicious" and they go home with coffee beans and mankashakasha in one hand🏃💨

Just for reference.
It's also good to develop this brewing method and create your own style. Just watch the video and enjoy.

Please take this opportunity to have a wonderful coffee time at home 🤙
Coffee is surprisingly easy to roast and brew, but if you're addicted to it, it's incredibly deep ☕

All the tools I use are available on Amazon.
Dripper set:

I have transcribed the subtitles for the video below.

-How to brew Galitebe coffee-

・ Prepare 13g of coffee beans for 180ml of coffee

・Grind to a size slightly finer than granulated sugar

・Fold the white paper filter to fit the dripper

・Shake the coffee grounds in the filter to make it flat

・Put the hot water in the server into the dripper.

・Pour hot water evenly over the coffee grounds.

・Steam for 30 seconds

・ Take your time with the first 30ml

・After that, be bold.
→At this time, do not pour hot water on the deep pool.

・When the prescribed amount (180ml) is reached, transfer the filter → If you drop the last drop, it will become astringent.

・Copy it onto a warmed cup and it's done.

What Galitebe actually uses at events and at home

Kettle (Pelican):
Scale (HARIO):
Canister (HARIO):
Dripper set (HARIO):