how to roast

Let's roast!

Anyone can easily roast.

In Ethiopia, it is a daily occurrence to buy raw beans and roast them at home.
Roasting is the same as cooking, and the taste is completely different depending on the person who roasts and the tools.
Let's create your favorite taste.

How to roast Galitebe Coffee

~ Mankashakasha edition ~

Prepare about 50g of green coffee beans.
→ 50g of raw beans is about 3 cups of coffee
Let the beans dance for about 10-15 minutes.
Basic high heat and adjust the heat by the distance from the fire.
→Let's keep moving so that there is no unevenness or burning.
Transfer to a colander to cool.
→ Roasting progresses if it is not cooled down.
Extract and drink.
→It tastes better after about a week than freshly roasted.
The taste also changes depending on the extraction method.
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