Ethiopia Coffee Trade Behind the Scenes in Japan from Production Areas

  • A spectacular mankashakasha story

    In Ethiopia, it is common to buy raw coffee beans from a store and roast them yourself.

    Therefore, when roasting coffee beans, it is called mankashakasha.

    Today, I would like to talk about "Mankashakasha" and a turbulent episode when importing Mankashakasha to Japan.

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    ・What is mankashakasha?

    ・The plan to import 50 became 1,500.

    ・○○○○ pieces were destroyed during the manufacturing process in Ethiopia

    ・ A customs officer with 20 years of service said , "I've never seen such a terrible thing."

    ・Mankashakasha who survived

  • Green coffee bean producer Encounter with Habtam

    Galitebe handles two Ethiopian green coffee bean producers.
    Today, I would like to talk about one of them, the story with Habutam and the raw beans we handle.

    I remember eating injera together at a local restaurant, no, a cafeteria, when I first met Hubtam.

    Habtum didn't have a smartphone, he didn't even have an email address, let alone a social network.
    All communication is over the phone or in person.

    He always wears a checked shirt and picks me up in a truck.

  • [Ethiopia] Do you know coffee in the coffee producing area?

    Ethiopia is one of the world's leading coffee producers.

    About half of the coffee beans produced are consumed domestically.

    This time, I would like to take a closer look at how coffee is consumed in Ethiopia.

    Only a small portion of Ethiopian coffee beans are sold in Japan.

    By reading the article, you can know the existence of real "Ethiopian coffee".

  • [Actual record] On the way to a coffee production area

    This time I would like to talk about the journey to the refinery.

    table of contents

    ■3 ways to go! where are you going

    ・Long-distance bus ・Rental car with driver

    ■ Enjoyable journey

    ・Bus leaving at 11:00 leaves at 5:00
    ・Ethiopian comedy for everyone to watch
    ・Country music to listen to with a roar
    ・ Anyway, inspection

    ■ Life-threatening way home

    ・First, hitchhiking
    ・ Unreasonable police
    ・Tattered tires

  • Coffee beans from Ethiopia for the first time

    Finally, finally, finally arrived!
    Waiting for Denkaram coffee raw beans!

    ・Isn't the design and refining method of jute bags different?

    I will talk about these things now.

  • How to start a coffee import business

    After returning to Japan, it was the first import, so it was a slapstick.

    ・Can you handle the transportation method and customs clearance of coffee beans by yourself?
    ・Arrival date and price setting different from the contract

    This time I would like to talk about that.

  • Encounter with coffee producer Denkaram

    On December 8, 2017, I was in a region called Kaffa, Ethiopia.
    I was trying to import raw coffee beans.

    At that time, I was one of the management members of the guesthouse KUSUBURU HOUSE , which was launched on the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture.
    With that in mind, I wanted to offer Ethiopian coffee to customers at KUSUBURU HOUSE.