Coffee beans from Ethiopia for the first time

I said, "I want to meet an ethnic minority somewhere in the world!"
I didn't know anything about it, but when I went there, I was fascinated and decided to import green coffee beans.
This time, it's the story of when the green beans that were decided in the first business negotiations finally arrived in Japan.

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green coffee beans
Finally, finally, finally arrived!
Waiting for Denkaram coffee raw beans!

・Hemp bag design
・Isn't the refining method different?

I will talk about these things now.

jute bag design

Before importing the hemp bag that holds the green coffee beans, we had to think about its design.
As for me, it will be the package of the product, so I wanted to put the logo on it and make it a cool jute bag.
However, it is the first hemp bag design on the Ethiopian side.

There was a debate about whether printing on jute bags would stain the green coffee beans.
At this time, we were very "overprotective" against raw beans.
I treated it carefully and respected it so much that I said, "Mr. Namamame!"

Of course, I still treat it with great care, but it was especially amazing at this time.
I was very cautious and treated it with care, to the point that I didn't want anyone else to touch it.
I was thinking of doing the customs clearance myself.

After all, there was a lot of information that importing raw coffee beans from Ethiopia was a high hurdle. .
When exporting, other products are mixed in, or products from other producers come in. There were various theories.
Going back to the design, there is a plastic bag for raw beans inside the hemp bag.
It's called eco tact. Similar to Grain Pro. BD%E5%93%81/products/ecotact80

Something like this.
So, even if you print on a hemp bag, it will not be transferred to raw beans.

However, we didn't want to put the irreplaceable existence to us, Namame-sama, at any risk, so we decided to "stick the cloth" this time.

That's the design.
It only had "Galitebe Coffee", my phone number, and the URL of the website, but I remember being very happy.
Denkaram was also treated very carefully.

Whether it's raw beans or hemp bags, we had to decide each one by ourselves, so we couldn't help but become attached to it.

Is there a difference in the refining method?

October 2018
The design of the hemp bag was decided, and the green beans finally arrived in Japan.
This time, we have contracted with Denkaram for 500kg of raw beans using the natural method.

The contract clearly stated "Sun Dried".
"Oh, this is it. This is my bean."

I subdivided the green beans and sent them to people who said, "You're doing something interesting! I'll buy them!" even before the import.

Then one day, a few weeks later, someone came to my house and drank the coffee with me.
"...isn't this washed?"
I stuck with that one word.
A lot of things ran through my head.

Customs clearance for export and import is through a contract called natural = absolutely natural

The country recognized this as natural.
So it must be natural.
However, if you look closely at the hemp bag, you will see the notation "Washed". .

Panic time! !

I almost lost my mind.
No, it's a little weird.

I wonder if there is such a thing.
Nowadays, when you look at raw beans, you can tell at a glance whether they are natural or washed, but at the time there was only one type, so I was like, “Is this natural?”
I'm ashamed and ashamed of myself. .

I called the people who gave it to me saying, "It's natural."
"Sorry! It was washed!"

It's dangerous, isn't it lol

But they were all warm-hearted people, and they accepted me with feelings like, “Oh, is that so?
Some of them said, "If it's a mistake, you won't be able to drink this anymore? That's a shame."

I was filled with regret and gratitude.

When I called Denkaram and said, "Isn't the refining method wrong!"

However, although it was washed, it was impressively delicious .
It has a grainy yet clean taste that you have never tasted before.
It was the most delicious coffee I've ever had.

So I decided to continue with it.
Because of such a mistake, there is still Denkaram washed.

You will be aware of such happenings coming from diagonally behind Ethiopia.

The fact that "ordinary" in me is not obvious .

Regarding this case, it was "absolute" in me that "the country recognized".
Instead, it is important to cultivate your own eyes and knowledge.

"I was raised in Ethiopia"

It is in this sense that I am involved with Ethiopia.
To be continued...
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