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Hand roasting kit | Mankashakasha | Weight only 120g

Hand roasting kit | Mankashakasha | Weight only 120g

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Hand roasted bread | Mankeshkesha |

Anyone can feel free to roast with a frying pan weighing only 120g ♪

how to roast

Anyone can easily roast coffee.
Mankashakasha, which is used locally in Ethiopia, is the original specification of Galitebe Coffee.
Each handle is made by hand in Ethiopia.
*It may have small scratches, but it is unused and new.

・ Single item (mankashakasha only): 2,800 yen ・ Starter kit: 3,500 yen → Contents: Mankashakasha main body, 200g of raw beans (producers are random, Natural and Washed 100g each)

If you would like to handle store sales, etc., please contact us directly from here .
With a minimum order quantity of 10, we will sell at a wholesale price.

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