Encounter with coffee producer Denkaram

On December 8, 2017, I was in a region called Kaffa, Ethiopia.
I was trying to import raw coffee beans.

At that time, I was one of the management members of the guesthouse KUSUBURU HOUSE , which was launched on the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture.
With that in mind, I wanted to offer Ethiopian coffee to customers at KUSUBURU HOUSE.

Therefore, the amount to be imported was only one hemp sack (60 kg).
I don't know anything about the coffee industry, so I was walking around the Kaffa region asking people, "I want to import coffee. What should I do?"

Ethiopian coffee shop

Naturally, people looked at me like, "What the hell is this guy?", but I learned that there was someone who could export if I went to a place called a "washing station ."

The first washing station I went to was in town, run by an agricultural cooperative.
I got a chance to talk to the manager and immediately

I said, "I want to import coffee beans. Is it possible?"
Manager: "How many containers are there?"
I said, "60 kg. And grade 1 is good."

At that time, grade 2 was the highest and there was no grade 1.
And it was a very big place, doing business with major Japanese companies.

"Those who only order 60kg demand Grade 1. . . 』

In the silence I could feel him.
And I knew, "Oh, that's the kind of world!"

Still, I didn't give up and said, "The trading volume will increase year by year, and it's too risky for us to place a large order from the first time. So, let me trade with a small amount this time."

The silence this time + the disgusting face of the manager made me think.
“This person is a hired manager and has no authority. I mean, I can't feel the ambition! Let's stop! Make a wish from here! 』

And left the washing station.
If you think about it now, it's like www what a young man who doesn't know common sense is saying.

Still, I wanted to take some action.
I wanted to do something with Ethiopia, which I fell in love with, and connect with it.

So, undeterred, I walked around town again, this time with a slightly more mature question: "Do you know any good coffee exporters?"

market coffee bean shop

Then the answer came back, "There is a Denkaram."

For that reason, I don't know how to contact you, so I made a surprise visit.

When Denkaram heard my story, he said, "Would you like a sample first?"

The family who served me coffee

I still can't forget the taste.
It was shockingly delicious.

There are many coffee shops in Ethiopia, and I was drinking coffee everywhere along the way.
Among them, it was by far the most delicious.

I was terrified.

It was still grade 2.
→In Ethiopia, the grade is determined by the amount of defective beans.

Let's change the date and have a business talk. have become.

December 30, 2017

I had a clean white shirt with me for important occasions.
I put it on and waited at the restaurant where the business talks took place.

However, Denkaram did not appear even at the appointed time.
When I called, he said, "I'm on my way now!"

Denkalam did not come even after two hours.
Even if you call, "I'm on my way now!"

Where are you going from where? . .

After all, Denkaram didn't come because we waited for about 5 hours that day.
Negotiations were held the next day.

December 31, 2017

I put on my usual outdoor lonti and waited at the same restaurant again.
It doesn't show up again after an hour. .

Frustrated, I asked the interpreter, "If you don't come today, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You'll never have such a good story in your life. If you don't want to miss it, come now."
I hung up the phone.

Then 30 minutes later.

Denkaram appeared and business negotiations began.

Grade 1 quality like never before
・Handle only fruits picked in the forest ・Use only red fruits ・Use African beds ・Remove foreign objects from 2 times to 3 times

Price negotiation is like a scene in a movie

If you say 〇 dollars, the other side will say △ dollars, which is higher than that. I did.

Two-shot with Denkaram

I decided to import 500kg, the amount that I could buy with all the assets I had.
I learned the "unit" of this industry.
The producer, Denkaram, needs a lot of effort for the amount of 500kg.
Charter trucks, export inspections and export procedures.
Whether you export 18 tons or 500 kg, the effort will not change.
A truck that can load 18 tons cannot be used for a day just because it weighs 500 kg.

I firmly felt that trading a large amount would benefit Ethiopia.
At this time, "Importing 18 tons (one container)" became my immediate goal, or rather, my mission.

And I can't consume that amount with just the guest house KUSUBURU HOUSE. On the island, problems arise not only in sales, but also in logistics. I decided to leave the island, entrusting the management to Akky, who had co-founded KUSUBURU HOUSE.

You're really too free lol

I am very grateful to Akki.
Even though I started by saying, "Let's start a guest house!"

Thanks to that, Galitebe is what it is today.

After concluding business talks with Denkaram in Ethiopia, I decided to leave the Oki Islands in Japan and started down the road of becoming a “green coffee bean shop”.

To be continued...


Denkaram raw beans

Denkaram drip bag